FAST Defence - Self-Defence Seminars for adults & kids


FAST stands for Fear Adrenaline Stress Training.


FAST defence is probably the finest self-defence training in the world at this time.


Instructor Dik Chance is the Executive Director for FAST Defence training worldwide. Apart from FAST's founder Bill Kipp, he is currently the only person certified to train new instructor teams around the world. In addition to teaching his Taekwon-Do classes, Dik travels UK, Europe and the world delivering the FAST programme.


There is no need to join a martial arts programme to take advantage of the FAST training.


There are basic courses for both adults and children. The basic adults course can be between 2.5 and 4.5 hours. The childrens STOP BULLIES FAST course is 1.5 hours. There are no fitness requirements, no suits, belts or complicated moves to learn.


Adrenal stress occurs in every confrontation, however big or small. From the arguments you might have at work to a mugging or attack on the street, the body is flooded with adrenaline. The biggest factor in having a successful outcome or surviving an attack is being able to channel the adrenaline and avoid freezing up. The objective of all FAST courses is that the student should learn to experience and control difficult situations whilst under the effects of adrenal stress.


FAST courses are built upon teaching the student to achieve these successes in controlled but ever increasing adrenal stress situations. Although the instructors control the scenarios, the students have a ‘real’ experience and effectively programme themselves for success in future encounters. You will learn how real world situations occur and how to avoid the common mistakes that escalate them. You will learn to use dialogue and verbal dissuasion. You will learn to avoid looking like a victim.


FAST courses utilise the padded PREDATOR suit that allows the student to fight back with full force, thus learning to be effective when full of adrenaline.


In self-protection terms, FAST is simple, highly effective and empowering. The student learns to understand their adrenal response, and to operate effectively. However, there is more to the course than self-protection. Nearly everyone who experiences this training becomes a massive fan. Attendees have provided feedback to say that this course has literally changed their outlook. They’ve become more relaxed, confident and assertive in dealing with other avenues of their life. They report how the verbal de-escalation techniques have helped them deal with all sorts of little problems in their lives. Some people have even reported how it has given them the confidence to leave dead-end jobs or abusive relationships.


The children's course concentrate on two main themes. These are anti-bullying and anti-abduction. Children learn to be assertive and to control difficult situations. They learn simple skills to deal with strangers and how to avoid abduction.


You can arrange courses for your own groups, if you have between 16 and 24 people. We can also arrange corporate courses for groups of 10 and up.


There are many different aspects and modules beyond the basic courses for those that want them. There is not enough space here to fully describe everything but they all involve utilising your adrenaline stress and fear and turning it into your own power. The best way to find out is to contact us, let us know what you are looking for, and we will tell you how we think we can help. Alternatively, to find out more about FAST defence in depth you can check out our main FAST website here.

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