Junior Classes


In our Taekwon-Do schools we are very aware of the differences in the way various age groups learn. Our aim is to make every class an enjoyable learning experience, where our junior students make constant improvements.


P.U.M.A. has a dedicated Junior syllabus which is open to children between the ages of 7 & 14 and is geared towards the way children learn. As well as the traditional elements of Taekwon-Do, juniors are taught important skills such as stranger awareness/evasion, what to do in awkward situations such as bullying, & self defence etc. Junior classes are 45 minutes long.


In addition we also look after the needs of our young adults with an inclusive class arrangement that best suits each individuals needs.                                                        


Our junior syllabus includes many gradings & awards. Awards are also given for outside activities such as homework, keeping your room clean & generally helping out etc.


There are many P.U.M.A. activities that children can take part in such as competitions, parties & training camps. As with the Little PUMAs, traditional martial arts teaching is mixed in with fun & games and again, parents are encouraged to watch.


There are many benefits of martial arts for children. These include improvements in

  • self-confidence,
  • discipline,
  • concentration,
  • teamwork &
  • manners.



Fitness, balance & co-ordination are important aspects of training in the Junior classes. The progress that children make is often quite astounding & P.U.M.A. has many junior blackbelts who are champions in their own right & the instructors of the future.


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