Adult classes

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Adults train for an hour up to four times a week.  This means you can fit the training to your schedule.


Our classes are very varied. 

There is a mixture of traditional Taekwon-Do training & self-defence, sparring, fitness, stamina & flexibility.


Benefits for adults include fitness, self-confidence & relaxation.

Classes are mixed & there is no limit on age & fitness.


Everyone can benefit - you are only in competition with yourself for improvement. There are P.U.M.A. students in their 70's still training. The late founder of Taekwon-Do, General Choi, was still teaching at 83.


We have lots of other training events that you can get involved with if you want including outdoor fitness training, self-defence seminars and cross-training with other martial arts.


There is a very social element to the adult P.U.M.A. classes. There are many events, seminars, competitions & parties that can be attended. There are also two training camps per year - one in August (this year in Croyde, Devon) & one in November (last year in Weymouth).


We are sure you'll love our classes. 
But we want you to be sure so come along and try your first classes for free.

Contact us today to set that up.

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